Mobile Locksmith & Security Upgrades for Residential, Commercial & Stratas

Mobile Locksmith & Security Upgrades for Residential, Commercial & StratasMobile Locksmith & Security Upgrades for Residential, Commercial & StratasMobile Locksmith & Security Upgrades for Residential, Commercial & Stratas

    Mobile Locksmith, Security Upgrades & EMERGENCY Services.


    Precautions Due To The Covid-19 Virus

    Armoured Entry Systems realizes that we are in a time of health angst and fear due to the Covid-19 Virus outbreak. 

    We will continue to provide our mobile services for emergency and security concerns for all our customers.

    We are doing our part by taking the following precautions in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

    1) All tools used are wiped down and disinfected after each job, and at the end of everyday.

    2) All hardware that is packaged from the factory is handled with gloves.

    3) Keys to be handed over to the customer at the end of a job are disinfected.

    4) Areas around the door where work was done is disinfected at the end of the job.

    5) All invoices are emailed right at the service call location, not printed, in order to cut down on items being handled by hands.

    6) Payment via E-transfer, Credit Card or Debit will be accepted. 


    Mobile Locksmith Services

    We provide a wide variety of mobile locksmith services.


    - Lock & Deadbolt Installations

    - Lock Re-keying, Master Keying & Key Cutting

    - Astragals, Blocker Plates, Frame Reinforcement & Lock Guards

    - Door Closers

    - Mailbox Repair & Replacement, Lock Replacement

    - Padlock Supply, Keying & Installation

    - Door Replacement

    - High Security Locks & Keys

    - Exit Devices

    - Door Alarms & Alerts

    We supply hardware from the best brands like Weiser, Schlage, Von Duprin, LCN, Glynn Johnson, Taymor, ABLOY, Sargent, Master, Abus, American, Emtek and more!

    About Us

    Armoured Entry Systems realizes that certain situations like home and business security are stressful and important to deal with, especially in an emergency. 

    We provide quick and professional daily services, as well as after-hours emergency calls for a price that is cost ffective for your family, business or strata property.

    Armoured Entry Systems is fully licensed by the Government of British Columbia, and holds a valid Security Locksmith License, Ministry of Justice Security Business License (B6557) and Liability Insurance. 

    With over 23 years of experience in the door and hardware industry accompanied by experience in locksmithing and entrance protection hardware, Armoured Entry Systems provides what a customer will need in order to feel secure in their residence, or commercial Business.  

    We strongly believe in educating customers and explaining the process as part of our service to make you feel comfortable.  We are happy to answer any questions that you have, and work within your budget.

    Check a Security Business License

    Click below to check our Government Security Business License.


    Lock Re-keying


    In almost all cases a locksmith can re-key your existing locks. This means after the technician is done a new set of keys will operate your locks. The old keys will no longer work.

    If you were to move into a home or business and were handed 2 keys for the doors or mailbox, how are you to know there are no more keys floating around with the previous owner's friends or family? - you don't. 

    For your peace of mind, Armoured Entry Systems will re-key the doors and replace the mailbox lock easily, quickly and in a cost affective manner.

    In situations like residential strata or commercial properties, many doors may need to be keyed with a master key system, this can be arranged.

    We can help you set up based on your needs. Give us a call 604-690-LOCK and we can help you with options and a solution.


    Security Astragals & Door Upgrades

    Installing security anti-pry astragals and lock guards  can prevent lock manipulation and forced entry. These interlocking security astragals and knob guards protect the areas that are most  commonly attacked. Once a thief sees these installed, they will often move on.  


    ABLOY Restricted Keying System

    Unlike other common keying systems, the ABLOY Protec 2 High Security keying system uses discs to prevent manipulation and picking. ABLOY Protec 2 is the tried and tested system relied on by many government sectors and high end jewelry stores. If an individual tries to get an ABLOY key duplicated, and they are not the registered party, no key is provided. This is called key control. 

    This can be installed on your home, strata or commercial business.

    Keys can only be obtained by registered individuals on file, and by email confirmation.


    Mailboxes and Upgrades

    Commercial  & Strata mailboxes are targeted by thieves everyday. Besides stealing actual products and items, they can steal your ID and personal information. Armoured Entry Systems can install security upgrades and replace damaged mailboxes.


    Whether the keys are lost, didn't receive keys when you moved in, or the lock is broken, we can replace the tenant's individual mailbox lock quickly and for a very economic price.  


    Security upgrades can be installed on any commercial mailbox unit or mailbox area. Locking gates to secure the units over night or extra security plates can be installed at the vulnerable areas on the mailbox to prevent east theft and damage.

    Armoured Entry Systems mobile locksmith North Vancouver can schedule a survey, and provide a quote.


    Electronic Locks

    Electronic locks can be installed on almost any door for any application. Whether it's on your residence front door or basement suite, commercial business, or utility room in a public building, there are multiple lock designs available for any function. Armoured Entry Systems can explain the various types, install and program based on your needs 


    Commercial Steel Doors

    Commercial steel doors located in places like a commercial or strata parkade building are often damaged, or have issues due to wear and tear over the years. These can be replaced and hardware can be reinstalled on the new door. Often when these doors are replaced they will be supplied with new tack welded edges for strength against daily abuse. 


    Safes - Delivered and Installed

    Safes are a great way to keep your belongings secure. Whether it's for your home and you want to keep your passports, birth certificates, and extra cash aside, or you want to have one for your business for daily use, safes can be provided in many different sizes styles and functions.

    Safes now come readily available with push button digital keypad, or the old school combo dial is still available. 

    From small safes to large safes, fire rated, or non fire rated, options today are a lot more available to the public.

    Armoured Entry Systems can help you pick one for your need, deliver it, and install it. Give us a call and we can go over private details in person or on the phone.

    Installing window bars that anchor into the frame can prevent quick smash & grabs by thieves.

    Security Window Bars

    Installing window bars that anchor into the frame can prevent quick smash & grabs by thieves.

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